Technologies we work with


As Blockchain technologies continues to evolve rapidly, Happiest Mind is one of the early implementor using Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, R3 Corda and many others in multiple business use cases. Happiest Minds continues to stay focus in Blockchain technologies.

Data Science

AI is another exciting area where deep learning is revolutionizing audio, video, image & text analysis as pre-trained models are becoming more prominent than traditional statistical models. We have specialized in developing deep learning models that work on low cost devices while continuing to build solutions that enhance the efficacy of Auto ML and Explainable AI frameworks.

Dev Ops

It's long that Dev Ops has become main stream in Engineering process bringing Development, IT Operations and Quality Engineering together. We thrive to take Dev Ops automation to a new level, leveraging new tools and technologies like - Prometheus, Site24x7, New Relic, Kubernetes, Dockers etc.

Programmable Network

We at Happiest Minds are building the next generation of Programmable Networks - working on Disaggregation, containerized Networking OS development and integration of programmable platforms such as NPUs, FPGAs and popular ASICs, and virtual network functions, programmable Data plane technologies such as DPDK and P4 , and closed loop Network Automation including Network Monitoring and Visibility, Network Analytics and Intent Driven Networks.

Cloud Computing

Happiest Minds Cloud implementation offerings takes next leap towards finding innovative ways to strategize and optimize the services/operations, information access, application development and find new venues of market expansion opportunities.

Internet Of Things

We at Happiest Minds are deeply focused into 3rd wave of Internet of Things. Smart and connected devices comprises of sensors, microprocessors, edge computing, data storage, controls, cloud computing and essentially embedded operating system. We continue to bolster our capabilities and solutions by aligning ourselves with industry leading alliance partners - AWS, Azure. We also have our home grown IoT platform.


Our Commitment

Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to a culture and core values. At Happiest Minds, we strive to ensure that everyone can retain their identity that reflects their cultural experiences and feelings. We believe that no one should be discriminated against because of their differences, such as age, ability, ethnicity, gender, expression or religion.

Diversity makes us stronger, more innovative, more competitive and more creative, which helps us better serve our clients and our communities. This resonates with our mission statement: Happiest People. Happiest Customers.

We remain committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace, where people can be who they are and be their best, professionally and personally.

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